2008 4th Overseas Cultural Exchange Exhibition (OCEE)

Saturday, May 30, 2009

May 30, 2009 -

12pm - 5pm

Museum X 1458 West Holt Avenue, Unit 1 Pomona, CA 91768

In Celebration of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month and Taiwanese American Heritage Week 2009

4th Overseas Cultural Exchange Exhibition (OCEE)The OCEE art exhibition is part of a two-year tour, featuring works that explore the relationship between tradition and contemporary creation by emerging artists of various talents from Taiwan, Japan, and United States. The exhibition schedule is as follows:

  • National Science and Technology Museum, Kaohsiung, Taiwan – 8/18/2008 ~ 10/18/2008
  • National Taiwan Craft Research Institute, Cao Tun, Taiwan – 10/30/2008 ~ 12/28/2008
  • National Taiwan Ocean University, Kee Lung, Taiwan – 3/24/2009 ~ 4/1/2009
  • Museum X, Los Angeles CA, USA – 5/23/2009 ~ 6/20/2009
  • Regional Art Commission (RAC), St. Louis, MO, USA – 7/31/2009 ~ 8/30/2009
  • St. Louis Science Center, St. Louis, MO, USA – 12/20/2009 ~ 1/20/2010

The exhibition in Los Angeles is co-sponsored by TUF and Friends of Taiwan – Greater St. Louis.

Participating artists include Sheow-Hwey (Showay) Chang (翁秀蕙), Chin-Cheng Chen (陳金振), Ching-Jung Chen (陳景容), Kao-Ming Chen (陳高明), Cheng-Ching Cheng (鄭正慶), Neng-Zon Chu (朱能榮), Kristine Dwyer, James Gormley, Gia-Hen Hsieh (謝嘉亨), Geo-Yin Hsu (許玖瑛), Zinnia Hsu (許淑昭), Zoe shu-yi Hsu (許淑儀), Ling-Yu Hu (胡玲瑜), Li-Shu Huang (黃麗淑), kazutoshi Kimura (木村和寿), Lan Huang Yu-Feng (藍黃玉鳳), Bob Langnas, Echo Lew (劉白), Tim Liddy, Chih-Yu (Kevin) Lin (林致宇), Kim Mosley, Linda Mosley, Is ‘Mima Nebt'Kata, Janice Nesser-Chu, Haruko Ohguchi (大口晴子), Setsuko Ohguchi (大口節子), Adelia Parker, Michael Quintero, Eric Shultis, Robin Stearn, Jui-Chuan Tsai (蔡睿娟), Fu-Hsiang (Sophia) Wang (王富香), Ambrose Wesley, Nami Yang (李淑櫻), Yah-Hann (Erric) Yang (楊亞翰)。

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