TUF is an arts and culture foundation that celebrates the cultural heritages of Taiwanese Americans. Established in 1986, the foundation's mission is to facilitate cultural exchange between the Taiwanese American community and other American cultural communities, hoping to enrich and expand our cultural experiences.

Taiwanese United Fund

Founded in 1986, Taiwanese United Fund (TUF) facilitates
cultural exchanges among Taiwanese, Taiwanese Americans, and the American communities.

Since its inception, TUF has persistently voiced the importance of cultural heritage, and assisted many organizations and individuals to establish ongoing programs and
educational materials about Taiwanese Americans. The highlights of TUF programs
include world-premiered concerts, art exhibitions, the Taiwanese Cultural Night, and the TUF Grant Program. Through collaboration and networking with other organizations and effective use of its resources, TUF continues to expand its role as a leading Taiwanese American organization.
Mission Statement TUF is established for the following purposes:

• To promote understanding of Taiwanese culture and heritage;

• To foster passion and pride in Taiwanese Americans for their Taiwanese cultural heritage;

• To further cultural exchanges, leading to understanding and appreciation of the uniqueness of Taiwanese culture.

TUF Committees


This committee develops and produces events that seek to connect innovators in the realms of arts, business, and technology with future generations, striding to build a stronger Taiwanese American community that helps to foster an inclusive identity.

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This “internal affairs” body reviews TUF bylaws, board structure, day-to-day operations and procedures, and makes recommendations as necessary to maintain integrity or to improve efficiency of the organization. This committee also reviews all the nomination-related matter for board members.

Cultural Night Committee

This committee plans and produces the Culture Night

Fund Management Committee

Manages and administers the assets of TUF.

Grant Committee

This committee maintains an independent operation to safe-guard the minimum standard that all projects must meet in order to qualify for a TUF grant.

PR & Communication Committee

This committee promotes TUF’s mission and projects to its sponsors, media and the general public. This committee also maintains the TUF website, and updates TUF patrons of current arts and cultural affairs presented by TUF, or its affiliated organizations.

Performing Arts Committee

This committee develops and produces concert and musical related programs.

Planning & Development Committee

This committee explores and evaluates potential programs that may enhance the TUF mission. The committee also discusses whether a program should be out-sourced with a grant, collaborate with other organizations, or should be solely produced by TUF.

Visual Arts Committee

This committee develops and produces programs in the field of visual arts.

Current TUF Officers

Simon Cheng


Josephine Pan

Vice President

Warner Kuo


Felix Wang


Rick Hsu

Grant Committee

Previous Presidents

Jerry Liu
2022.7 - 2023.6
Nikki DePaola
Grace Lieu
2017.7 - 2019.6
Rick Hsu
Felix Wang
2013.7 - 2015.6
Josephine Pan
2011.7 - 2013.6
Simon Cheng
2009.7 - 2011.6
Yung Kao
2007 - 2008
Ted Cheng
2007 - 2008
YY Lin
2003 - 2004
Tsuann Kuo
2001 - 2002
Bonnie Yang
1997 - 1998
Huey Lin
1995 - 1996
Cliff Yang
1993 - 1994, 1999 - 2000
Li-Pei Wu
1991 - 1992
Jer-Shung Lin
1988 - 1990
Symeon Woo
1986 - 1987

Current TUF Board Members

Amy Wu
Rex Yu
Christopher Teng Balmaseda
Felix Wang
Jerry Liu
Josephine Pan
Josephine Pan
Nikki DePaola
Penn Tseng
Raymond Yu
Rick Hsu
Simon Cheng
Warner Kuo
Yung Kao