2024 BIG - Film tour exhibition by Director Te-Sheng Wei

Saturday, March 9, 2024

Mar 09, 2024 -


LOOK Dine-In Cinemas Monrovia 410 S Myrtle AveMonrovia, CA 91016

The children in ward 816 all bear the mark of a warrior.
This is the badge of fighting against the disease.

In the noisy ward all day long is Yuanyuan, who grew up in a zoo;
It’s Yan who keeps hiding in the homemade robot;
Luo Heng, who rides his bike on an adventure in the hospital corridor;
Nuala, who has a ball on her butt and can only wear a skirt;
Gia Noone, a world-weary music girl, and Da Shan, a middle school boy who has just started falling in love;
And the parents who always quarreled and bickered, but supported each other at critical moments.

There is Jesus V.S. Ksitigarbha, there is a wheelchair rally, and there are children who want to sleep together to kiss each other?!

Ward 816, where joy and sorrow are shared, seize every moment and cherish the opportunity to say goodbye.

Who changed the number 816 on the door to BIG?
What does BIG stand for?
What secret mission did all the members have to escape from the hospital?

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